Adjustment Flow when changing the screen

When you change the screen, perform the following image quality adjustment.

  • This adjustment is the same as the adjustment when the machine was introduced (setup).

  • If you use Package Color Auto Adj., this machine automatically makes the adjustments in step 2 below and after.
    To use this function, install Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501. For details, refer to [Package Color Auto Adj.].

Screen selection

In response to the setting (assignment) change of the screen, select the screen to be used.

Changing the Screen

Auto Gamma Adjustment

This automatically adjusts the color reproducibility of the whole paper to be output.

[Gamma Automatic Adj.]

Density Balance Adjustment

Automatically adjust the density balance.

[Density Balance Adjustment]

Color Density Control

Set the Periodical Adj. Execution of Basic Setting to ON, and perform Color Density Manual Control as needed.

Color Density Control: Basic Setting

Color Density Control: Color Density Manual Control

To use special paper or increase the accuracy of the automatic adjustment, Each Paper Type Color Adj. is recommended. For details, refer to Color Density Control: Each Paper Type Color Adjustment.

Gray balance adjustment

Increase reproducibility of the gray balance.

About Exact Color Calibration

About G7 Calibration

To switch this adjustment to G7 calibration, contact your service representative.