2-Color Printing: Printing only in the Specified Colors

About 2-Color Printing

You can specify 1 to 4 spot colors for printing. You can replace a plate to which a spot color is assigned (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) with any spot color plate, and delete it.

Usage: replacing Magenta and Cyan with the spot colors (special colors).

Specify a spot color name from the bundled application. For details, refer to [Spot Color] Screen.

This function is available with the PS Plug-in driver for Windows or Mac OS.

Specifying 2-color printing (PS Plug-in driver)

  1. Click the Color Mode tab.

  2. Add a check mark to a color you want to replace in 2-Color Printing, and then enter a spot color name.

    • supplementary explanationThe colors without a check mark (Magenta and Black in this image), as shown in the image above, are deleted, resulting in these colors not being printed.

  3. Click OK to make prints.