Changing the default RGB color conversion setting

On RGB tab - Color Default Settings screen, you can set the default settings for the conversion processing when the input data is RGB.

  1. Click RGB tab.

    RGB tab appears.

  2. When you do not perform color conversion, select Off.

  3. When you use an RGB-CMYK device link profile, select RGB-CMYK Device Link Profile. Then, select an RGB-CMYK device link profile for each of Image, Graphic, and Text.

  4. When you use an RGB source profile, select RGB Source Profile. Then, select an RGB source profile.

    • supplementary explanationThe setting of this item is not applied, if you select Use Embedded RGB Profile on the Optional Settings tab.

  5. From Rendering - Image, select the rendering method for Image.

  6. From Rendering - Graphic, select the rendering method for Graphic.

  7. From Rendering - Text, select the rendering method for Text.