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IEEE802.1X Authentication Trial

Click [IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting] - [IEEE802.1X Authentication Trial] in the [Network] tab to display this screen.

Perform the trial of IEEE802.1X authentication.

  1. If [OFF] is selected for the [IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting], the IEEE802.1X Authentication Trial cannot be performed. Click [IEEE802.1X Authentication Setting] to switch the setting to [ON].

  2. Press [Authentication Trial].

    The current authentication status is displayed in [Authentication Status]. Refer to the table below for confirmation.



    Prior confirmation

    [Authentication Status]

    Displays the authentication status.

     [Succeeded]: Displayed when authentication is completed successfully.

     [Now authenticating]: Displayed when authentication is in process.

     [Not authenticated]: Displayed when authentication is not yet made.

     [Failure]: Displayed when authentication has failed.

     [Error]: Displayed when failed in getting the authentication status.

    Click [Refresh] to display the current authentication status.