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User Registration

Click [User Registration] on the menu of [Security] tab to display this screen.

When [General Settings] (User Authentication) is set to [OFF], the following screen is displayed.

Click [User Authentication/Account Track Menu] to display the User Auth/Account Track screen. For user registration, [General Settings] must be set to either [ON (MFP)] or [ON (External Serv)].

You can register or delete a user for user authentication.

User registration

  1. Click [New Registration] to register a new user, or click [Edit] for a desired user name to edit the data already registered.

    • When [General Settings] is set to [ON (External Serv)], [New Registration] is unavailable.

    • To display the registration list of the selected range, select a range of numbers from the [Page (Display by 50 cases)] drop-down list, and click [Go].

  2. Enter the registration number.

    • The available range is 1 to 1000.

    • If you are editing, the registration number for the selected user name is displayed. You cannot enter the value.

  3. Enter the user name.

    • You can enter up to 64 one-byte characters (32 two-byte characters).

    • When [General Settings] is set to [ON (External Serv)], this item is dimmed. The name of the external authentication server is also displayed underneath.

  4. Enter the E-mail address.

    • You can enter up to 320 alphanumeric characters and symbols.

    • When [General Settings] is set to [ON (External Serv)], this item is dimmed.

  5. Enter the user password.

    • Up to 64 one-byte┬ácharacters can be used. Enter the same password for [Retype User Password].

    • When [General Settings] is set to [ON (External Serv)], any item relevant to user password is not displayed.

  6. Specify an account name for the user.

    • Click [Search from List]. Click the radio button of an account name, and click [OK].

    • When [Synchronize User Authentication & Account Track] is set to [Not Synchronize], it is not displayed.

  7. Set the functions to be available and the maximum value allowed for printing for the registered user.

    • If the machine is not mounted with Paper Feeder Unit PF-708, Copy and Scan settings are not displayed.

    • Maximum must be specified after selecting [Enable] from the [Max. Allowance Set] drop-down menu.

  8. Click [OK]. Clicking [Cancel] cancels the setting.

  9. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

To delete a user

  1. Click [Delete] for a user to be deleted.

  2. Click [OK] on the confirmation screen. Click [Cancel] to cancel the deletion.

  3. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.