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To display this screen, click [Import/Export] on the menu of [Maintenance] tab.

  • By clicking [User Auth/Account Track Information], you can import and export the user authentication/account track registration information and authentication setting information.

  • In the following case, [User Auth/Account Track Information] is not displayed:
    When the [General Settings] (User Authentication) of [Security] is set to [OFF] and the [Account Track] is set to [OFF].

  • In the following case, you cannot perform the import/export function:
    When the [General Settings] (User Authentication) is set to [ON (External Serv)].

    For details about the User Authentication and Account Track settings, refer to User Auth./Account Track.
    The [Utility Menu] screen also allows you to make the User Authentication and Account Track settings. For details, refer to Authentication Method: Setting the Authentication Conditions.

This screen allows you to import setting files from a PC to the machine, or to export them from the machine to a PC.


  1. Select [Device Setting], [User Auth/Account Track Information], or [Restriction Code List] as the file to be imported from a PC to the machine, and click [OK].

  2. On each setting screen, click [Import].

  3. Click [Browse] to search the desired file on the PC and select it.

  4. Click [OK]. The specified setting file is imported from the PC to the machine.


  1. Select [Device Setting], [Counter], or [User Auth/Account Track Information], then click [OK].

  2. On each setting screen, click [Export].

    • When selecting [Counter], select the counter to be exported.

  3. Click [OK]. The file downloading screen is displayed.

  4. Click [Download].

  5. Click [Save], then specify the directory to save the file. The download completion screen is displayed.

  6. Click [Close] The data file is exported from the machine.

  7. Click [Back]. The [Import/Export] screen is displayed.