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[Maintenance] Tab

The [Maintenance] tab provides the information and settings concerning the maintenance of the machine.



[Meter Count]

Enables you to check the meter count of this machine.

For details, refer to Meter Count.

[ROM Version]

Enables you to check the ROM version.

For details, refer to ROM Version.


Saves (exports) the machine's setting information and user authentication/account track registration information as files, and writes (imports) these files into the machine. Exports the counter information, and imports a restriction code list.

For details, refer to Import/Export.

[Status Notification Setting]

Configure the function to be reported to a registered user when an error has occurred in this machine. Specify the destination and items to notify a registered user of an error.

For details, refer to Status Notification Setting.

[Machine Setting]

Changes the registration information of this machine.

For details, refer to Machine Setting.

[Online Assistance]

Specify support information (such as contact name, corporate URL, or online manual URL) of this machine. To display this information, select [Information] - [Online Assistance].

For details, refer to Online Assistance.


Return the Network Settings to the default.

For details, refer to Reset (Network Setting Clear).