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Create a New Hot Folder

You can create a new hot folder.

  1. On the [Hot Folder] screen, select an empty folder list, then select [Hot Folder] - [New Creation] from the [Hot Folder Operations] menu.

    • You can also select [New Creation] from the right-click menu.

    • If necessary, you can also click the [New Creation] icon .

    • You can also drag an empty folder list to the [New Creation] icon .

    • You can also double-click an empty folder list.

    The [New - Hot Folder Setting] screen is displayed.

  2. Specify the registration name and name of the hot folder.

    • The hot folder name can be specified using up to 80 characters.
      All characters can be used except symbols ", \, |, :, *, <, >, /, ?, and periods (.) at the top and end.

  3. Click [Job Ticket Edit].

    The [Job Ticket Settings] screen opens.

    Configure a job ticket for a hot folder.

    • If you close the screen without pressing Save on the [Hot Folder Setting] screen after pressing Save in the [Job Ticket Settings] screen, the setting is not saved.

  4. In the [Details] setting, specify Authentication User, Share, Print Mode, Output Method, and Print Setting Priority.

    The users registered using Web Connection or touch panel of the main body are displayed in the [Authentication User] list.

    • If no user is registered, the guest check box cannot be cleared.

    • Selecting [Guest] disables user selection.

    • To delete the original imported to the hot folder after processing has been completed, select the [Delete Printed File] check box.

    • In [Print Setting Priority], specify whether to give priority to the job settings assigned to the original or the print settings of the hot folder. However, even when [Print Setting of Each Job] is selected, [Print Mode] and [Output Method] are determined based on the print settings of the hot folder.

  5. When the settings are completed, click [Save].