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[Import] Screen

You can import a file to be included as a hold job.




Lists the import files. Up to 300 files can be displayed.


The [Select Import File] screen is displayed, and the selected files are added to the list.


After selecting a file from the list, clicking this item deletes the file from the list.

[Output Method]

Select Hold, Secure Print, or HDD Store.

When the Allow mode is set to ON only for Secure Print, only Secure Print is available.

[Hold]: Imports a file to a hold job.

[Secure Print]: Imports a file to a secure job. Select the destination Box name.

[HDD Store]: Imports a file to an HDD job. Select the destination folder name or Box name.

[Save to]

This option is available only when Secure Print or HDD Store is selected in Output Method.

The Secure Box name, HDD folder name, or HDD Box name you selected in Output Method is displayed.


The displayed screen varies depending on the selected output method. Select the storage destination on the screen that is displayed.


Performs the import and returns to the [Job Centro] screen.


Stops the processing and returns to the [Job Centro] screen.

To adjust the display width of the column, double-click on the boundary between items on the item bar. The display width of the column is automatically adjusted according to the longer character strings: the strings of the item name or the strings of the item in the list.