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Active Job List

The active jobs are listed.



[Job Number]

Displays the number specific to the job. This item is not displayed by default.


Displays the job status with the following character strings and colors:

Blue: [RIP Waiting], [Receiving], [RIPing]

Red: [Print Paused], [Print Hold by Warning], [Number Limit (Waiting)], [Error]

Black: [Canceling], [Printing], [Print Waiting], [Sending]

[Job Type]

Displays the job type (print, copy, scan).

[User Name]

Displays the user name.

[File Name]

Displays the file name.

[Number of Pages]

Displays the page count of the original. Inserted blank paper or tab paper without printing is not counted as the number of pages.

[Number of Remaining Pages to Be Printed]

Displays the count of pages that have not been output.

[Number of Copies]

Displays the number of copies allotted to the job.

[Output Tray]

Displays the output tray allotted to the job.

[Date Stored]

Displays the date and time when the controller accepted the job.

[Remaining Time (Min.)]

Displays the time period until the job completes.


When a secure job is saved and printed, the file name is indicated by an asterisk "*".

If the HDD becomes full (in other words, the remaining memory in the machine becomes 0%) when importing a job, or editing a hold job or its page, the processing is canceled and [Status] in the Active Job list is changed to [Canceling].

[Number of Remaining Pages to Be Printed] is blank when:

  • a hold job, HDD job, or secure job is re-printed by one copy using Job Centro or the touch panel of the main body;

  • [Print] is performed by one copy using the copy function of this machine;

  • [Hold + Print] is performed using the copy function of this machine; and

  • [HDD Store + Print] is performed using the copy function of this machine.

If [HDD Store] is performed using the copy function of this machine, [Number of Pages] and [Number of Remaining Pages to Be Printed] are blank regardless of the number of copies.

You can set Display/Undisplay of the item by right-clicking on the header item to display the [List Items Settings] screen. For details, refer to Setting List Items.

To adjust the display width of the column, double-click on the boundary between items on the item bar. The display width of the column is automatically adjusted according to the longer character strings: the strings of the item name or the strings of the item in the list. The adjusted display width is stored for each connected printer and it is maintained after a restart.

To sort the data by item, click the header of the column. You can switch between ascending order and descending order by clicking.