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Printing HDD Job

You can print HDD jobs. Other than the following method, you can also drag the selected job to the Active Job list for the printing. However, print conditions cannot be specified.

  1. Select a job from the HDD Job list.

    • You can select multiple jobs.

  2. Select [HDD Job] - [Print] from the [Job Operations] menu.

    The [Print] screen is displayed. Specify print conditions.

    (For one selected job)

    (For multiple selected jobs)

    • You can also select [Print] from the right-click menu.

    • You can also click "Print."

    • You can also select the job and drag it to ''Print.''

    • When printing a HDD job, the following job edit settings are not applied:
      - Booklet Splitting

  3. Specify print conditions, then click [OK].

    [Print Mode]: Select the desired mode from Normal, Proof, Proof(1st Sheet), and Wait.

    - Normal: Prints the specified number of copies of the data.

    - Proof: Prints data by only one copy to check the output.

    - Proof(1st Sheet): Prints only the first page to check the output.

    - Wait: Sets the job to the output stop state as a reserved job.

    [Output Method]: Select the output method from Print, Print/Hold, and Hold.

    [Number of Copies]: You can specify up to 9999 copies. If multiple jobs are selected, the number of copies cannot be specified.