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Rename the Secure Job File

You can rename the secure job file.

  1. Select a job from the Secure Job list.

    • To display the Secure Job list, select the Secure Box to display the [Box Password] screen, enter the password on the displayed screen, then release the lock.

    • You can operate print jobs that are set to PS, PDF, or TIFF as the PDL type displayed in the job list, but you cannot do other types of print jobs.

  2. Select [Secure Job] - [Change File Name] from the [Job Operations] menu.

    • You can also select [Change File Name] from the right-click menu.

    The [Change File Name] screen is displayed.

  3. Enter the changed file name using up to 63 characters, then click [OK].

    • All the characters except the double quotation mark (") are available.

    • If the entry box is blank, an error message is displayed.