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Launching applications

You can launch other applications supported on this machine using Job Centro.

Color Centro

Color Centro ensures appropriate color shade printing on the machine by managing colors with the image controller.

Color Centro provides tone curve adjustment and color default setting.

This function becomes available only when Color Centro is installed on your computer.

  1. On the [Job Centro] screen, open the [File] menu, then select [Start] - [Color Centro].

    The Color Centro top screen is displayed.

    For details about how to use Color Centro, refer to Overview of Color Centro.

Web Connection

Web Connection is a device control utility program. This utility allows you to display the status of the printer, scanner, and network, perform the machine maintenance or to make the security, printer, scanner, and network settings via a Web browser.

For details about how to use Web Connection, refer to Overview of Web Connection.

Hot Folder

If the frequently used job settings are registered on this machine, you can just copy a file to print data using them.

For details about how to use a hot folder, refer to Hot Folder Operations.