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Editing Print Setting of Hold Job (Job Edit)

You can edit the print setting of a hold job.

  1. Select a job from the Hold Job list.

    • Double-clicking the job starts the [Job Edit] screen.

    • You can operate print jobs that are set to PS, PDF, or TIFF as the PDL type displayed in the job list, but you cannot do other types of print jobs, print jobs from the PPD driver, or copy jobs. However, by changing the setting of No. 28 in [Utility/Counter] - [Administrator Setting] - [Controller] - [Software Switch Setting] on the machine, you can also operate a PPD job. Furthermore, a store job over 10,000 pages may not be operated depending on the HDD free space.

  2. Select [Hold Job] - [Job Edit] from the [Job Operations] menu.

    The [Job Edit] screen starts.

    • You can also select [Job Edit] from the right-click menu.

    • You can also click "Job Edit."

  • For the job that uses the half or more of the HDD capacity, if editing the print setting that requires re-RIP, you cannot store or print the job.

  • For the job that uses the half or less of the HDD capacity, you may not store and print the job depending on the remaining space of the HDD. In that case, delete unnecessary jobs and then re-execute the operation.

  • If a job that is edited with the touch panel of the main body is edited with Job Centro, the settings that were configured with the touch panel of the main body are discarded. The settings that had been configured with Job Centro before editing on the main body's touch panel are also discarded.