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Favorite Setting

You can register the print setting in the favorite setting, or reset or load the setting. The favorite setting is stored for each login user.

Setting options


[Current settings]

Indicates the settings before editing of the selected job. To restore to the current setting values, select [Current settings] and click [Load].


To clear all the settings and restore the default, select [Default] and click [Load].

Untitled 1 - 30

Select this when naming and registering the setting made with Job Edit. Select any of the Untitled 1 to 30, and click [Register]. It is convenient to rename the Untitled 1 to 30 before the registration.

The following settings cannot be registered in Favorite Setting.

  • Layout

  • Original Size

    Original Orientation

  • Authentication

  • User Authentication

    Public User

    User Name


    Account Track Settings

    Account Name