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Starting in Usual Login Method

To start Job Centro, login procedure is necessary first.

  • Confirm that the image controller can communicate.

  • Job Centro is the Java Application. When the Java application is blocked by the firewall, [Windows Security Alert] screen is displayed. In this case, select the option corresponding to your network environment, and click [Allow access] to allow the communication by Java application on your network.

  1. Select [Start] - [All Programs] - [MFP-Printer Utility] - [Job Centro 2.0] - [Job Centro 2.0].

    • Or double-click the short cut icon on the Desktop.

    The [Connect Printer] screen is displayed. For details about the [Connect Printer] screen, refer to Connect Printer Screen.

  2. Select the printer for Job Centro to be connected to and click [Connect].

    Job Centro starts and [Job Centro] screen is displayed.

    When you log in to Job Centro for the first time, printers available for connection are not displayed in the printer list. In such a case, click [Search] and add a printer.

    To adjust the display width of the column, double-click on the boundary between items on the item bar. The display width of the column is automatically adjusted according to the longer character strings: the strings of the item name or the strings of the item in the list.

    To sort the data by item, click the header of the column. You can switch between ascending order and descending order by clicking.

    For details, refer to ''Add to Printer List'' in Connect Printer Screen.