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Overview of Web Connection

Web Connection is a device control utility program. This utility allows you to display the status of the printer, scanner, and network, perform the machine maintenance or to make the security, printer, scanner, and network settings via a Web browser.

  • This function is unavailable while the Enhanced Security mode is activated.

  • This function is not available with the [Web Setting] set to [Disable] in [Network Setting] on the Utility menu. For details, refer to the Utility Menu screen - [Administrator Setting] - [Network Setting] - [NIC Setting] - [HTTP Server Settings].

  • This function is not available when [Quick Security Setting] - [Web Setting] in Utility Menu is set to [Disable]. For details, refer to the Utility Menu screen - [Quick Security Setting] - [Web Setting].

  • Web Connection cannot be accessed from the Web browser on the control panel.

When any trouble occurs on the main body while it has been accessed via Web Connection, the message [Operator Call] is displayed in the output information indicator area of the [MACHINE] screen, along with an error code below. Follow the instruction provided for each error code.

For details about the operating environment, how to set the Web browser, and other information, refer to each of the following pages.