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Adjusting Tone Curve of Hold Job

You can adjust the tone curve per job for the hold jobs. This is a convenient function when reprinting the job after adjusting the tone curve only. Also, you can adjust tone curves for each page (Page Tone Curve).

  • To use this function, Color Centro version 2.1.03000 or later needs to be installed on your computer.

  • For details, refer to Tone Curve Adjustment Screen in Color Centro.

  • When adjusting the tone curve by using Job Centro, the sample selection is not available.

Adjust the Tone Curve

This section describes how to adjust the tone curve of the hold job.

  1. On the [Job Centro] screen, select the job for which the tone curve is adjusted from the Hold Job list.

    The selected job is displayed against a dark background.
    You can adjust tone curves for print jobs that are set to PS, PDF, or TIFF as the PDL type displayed in the job list, but you cannot do so for other types of print jobs, print jobs from the PPD driver, or copy jobs.
    However, by changing the setting of No. 28 in [Utility/Counter] - [Administrator Setting] - [Controller] - [Software Switch Setting], you can also operate a PPD job.

    • When multiple jobs are selected, tone curves cannot be adjusted.

    • When the object job is not found in the list, display the object job in the list by conducting a search or clearing the search parameters.

  2. Click [Tone Curve].

    The [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen is displayed.

    • If you select [Image] or [Text/Graphic] in the [Object] group box, you can adjust the tone curve to be applied to image objects and the tone curve to be applied to text objects and graphics objects respectively. (Tone curve adjustment by tag)
      Selecting [All Same] applies the same tone curve to image and text/graphic objects
      Note that if the items appear dimmed, [All Same] is selected.

    • To display the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen, you can also select a job, and then select [Tone Curve Adjustment] from the right-click menu, select [Hold Job] - [Tone Curve Adjustment] from the [Job Operations] menu, or drag to the [Tone Curve] icon.

    • Tone curve cannot be adjusted in a job with custom screen settings. In such a case, use Color Centro to adjust the tone curve and apply it to the job.

    • When [Do Not Execute Adjustment] is selected in the administrator setting of this machine, the tone curve adjustment function is not available for a job for which tone curves are applied separately to image objects and text/graphic objects.
      However, if the tone curve of Text/Graphic is set to [Same as image], the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen opens where you can adjust the tone curve.

  3. Adjust the tone curve.

    • The tone curve set for the selected job is to be adjusted.

  4. Click [Apply] and apply the adjusted tone curve to the job.

    • The adjusted tone curve is applied only to the selected jobs. Select whether to apply the adjusted tone curve to the page currently open (Page Tone Curve) or to the whole job (Job Tone Curve).

    • If you apply the adjusted tone curve to the job, [Use Job Tone Curve] is set in [Tone Curve] on the [Imaging] screen of the print setting that is displayed in [Job Edit].

    • Selecting Job Tone Curve erases the applied page tone curves.

  5. Select [Close] from the [File] menu and close the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.