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Importing a Job File

You can import the file on the computer to a hold job, secure job, or HDD job.

The imported file can be changed its setting and printed.

  • Available file formats to be imported are PS, PDF, TIFF, and TIF.

  1. Select [Import] from the [File] menu on the [Job Centro] screen.

    The [Import] screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Add].

    The [Select Import File] screen is displayed.

    For details, refer to Import Screen.

  3. Specify the job file to be imported, and click [OK].

    The [Select Import File] screen closes and the screen returns to the [Import] screen.

    On the list of [Import] screen, the added file is displayed.

  4. With the same operation as Step 2 to Step 3, display all job files you import on the list of [Import] screen.

    • Up to 300 files can be imported.
      If the sum of the number of the files displayed in the file list on the [Import] screen and the number of the files selected on the [Select Import File] screen is 301 or more, a warning is displayed.

    • You can select and import more than one file at a time.

    • When you remove the job file from the list, select the job file and click [Delete].

  5. Specify [Output Method] for a job file.

    Select Hold, Secure Print, or HDD Store.

    If Secure Print or HDD Store is selected, also specify destination [Save to].

  6. Click [Import].

    • When the HDD encryption mode is set to [ON] in the machine, Import is available.

  • If [Password Rules Setting] is set to [Enable] in [Quick Security Setting] of the UTILITY menu, you cannot import jobs without a password or jobs with a password that has been created against rules.
    For details about [Quick Security Setting], refer to Quick Security Setting.