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Operating the Active Job

You can change the priority of the active job from the menu of the [Job Centro] screen or from the right-click menu. You can also cancel the active job.

The available operations differ depending on the status of the job.

Available operation


[Prior Print]

[To Top]



[To Hold]

Job Status



Print Waiting

, *3



, *1

, *1

RIP Waiting

, *1

, *1


, *1

, *1

Print Paused

Print Hold by Warning


Hold Job Full


: The operation is executed only before the job is stored in the RIP buffer and when there have already been jobs waiting for being stored in the RIP buffer.
*1: The operation is not immediately executed, but executed only if the order of jobs can be changed when the transmission of the jobs to the machine is completed. (When there have already been multiple reserved jobs waiting for being printed on the machine side.)
, *1: The operation is executed when the conditions of and *1 are both met. First, the job is moved to the top of the job group in RIP Waiting and Receiving, and then, after being transmitted to the machine, moved to the top (for [Prior Print]) or the second (for [To Top]) of the job group in the machine.
*2: When the print job is already in the print queue on the machine, the cancellation may not be accepted and then the job will not be cancelled.
*3: A job cannot be moved to a hold job when a secure job is being printed.