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Edit a Hot Folder

Change the setting of the hot folder selected from the list.

  1. Select a hot folder to be edited from the hot folder list, then select [Hot Folder] - [Edit] from the [Hot Folder Operations] menu.

    • You can also select [Edit] from the right-click menu.

    • If necessary, you can also click the [Edit] icon .

    • You can also drag the selected hot folder to the [Edit] icon .

    • You can also double-click on the hot folder list.

    The [Hot Folder Settings] screen is displayed.

  2. Edit the hot folder setting.

    • You cannot change the registration number of the hot folder.

    • The [Authentication User] list can be edited only using the touch panel of the main body or Web Connection.

    • If [Authentication User] is set to Guest, the drop-down list is dimmed.

    • If no user is registered, the guest check box cannot be cleared.

    • When [Print / HDD Store], [HDD Store], or [Secure Print] is selected in [Output Method], you can select a folder or Box for [Destination].

  3. Select [Save] to save the setting.