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HDD Job List

The HDD jobs in the selected folder are displayed.



Folder / User Box tree

: Password protection is set (When not canceled).

: Password protection is set (When canceled).

[Folder / User Box]

Displays the folder name and the Box name in the folder.
Up to 1,002 folder names are displayed, including the root folder and Public folders.
Up to 1,000 Box names are displayed.

[User Name]

Displays the name of the user who saves a job.

[File Name]

Displays the file name.

[Number of Pages]

Displays the number of pages of the original.

[Number of Copies]

Displays the number of copies specified to the job.

[Date Modified]

Displays the date and time when the job was edited and updated.

[Print End Date]

Displays the print end date of the HDD job.

The jobs saved on the HDD are displayed as "Unprinted."

The jobs which can be edited only with the touch panel of the main body are displayed blank.

You can set Display/Undisplay of the item by right-clicking on the header item to display the [List Items Settings] screen.

To adjust the display width of the column, double-click on the boundary between items on the item bar. The display width of the column is automatically adjusted according to the longer character strings: the strings of the item name or the strings of the item in the list. The adjusted display width is stored for each connected printer and it is maintained after a restart.

To sort the data by item, click the header of the column. You can switch between ascending order and descending order by clicking.

The whole line including the selected job is highlighted in blue. Note that when the job that cannot be selected is selected, the frame of the line becomes blue.

  • If [Password Rules Setting] is set to [Enable] in [Quick Security Setting] on UTILITY from the touch panel of the machine, a folder or User Box without a password is displayed as a folder or User Box with a password, disabling it from being referenced, changed, and deleted.
    Also, a folder or User Box with an illegal password specified cannot also be referenced, changed, and deleted.
    However, a job in the root folder and a job just under the Public folder can be referenced, changed, deleted, and printed in the same way as when [Disable] is specified even if [Password Rules Setting] is set to [Enable].
    For details about [Quick Security Setting], refer to Quick Security Setting.

When [MFP Authentication] is activated on this machine, the Personal folder cannot be created, deleted, or renamed.