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Printing Hold Job

You can print a hold job. Other than the following method, you can also drag the selected job to the Active Job list for the printing.

  1. Select a job from the Hold Job list.

    • You can select multiple jobs.

  2. Select [Hold Job] - [Print] from the [Job Operations] menu.

    • You can also select [Print] from the right-click menu.

    • You can also click "Print."

    • You can also drag the job to ''Print.''

    The [Print] screen is displayed.

    (For one selected job)

    (For multiple selected jobs)

  3. Set the conditions for the printing and click [OK].

    [Print Mode]: Select the desired mode from Normal, Proof, Proof(1st Sheet), and Wait.

    - Normal: Prints the specified number of copies of the data.

    - Proof: Prints data by only one copy to check the output.

    - Proof(1st Sheet): Prints only the first page to check the output.

    - Wait: Sets the job to the output stop state as a reserved job.

    [Number of Copies]: You can specify up to 9999 copies.

    • To delete the job from the Hold Job list after executing the printing, check [With Job Delete].

  • When an Active to Hold job is to be printed, the [With Job Delete] check box is not displayed.