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Delete Temp. Data Setting: Allowing the Overwriting of Temporary Data

Specify whether or not to overwrite the temporary image data on the memory when the data is no longer needed, and also the erase mode for the data to be overwritten.



Mode 1

Overwrites with 0x00

Mode 2

Overwrites with 0x00 - Overwrites with 0xff - Overwrites with a single random digit - Verification

  1. Follow the procedure on Administrator Setting to display the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [Security Setting] on the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen, and then press [HDD Management Setting] and [Delete Temp. Data Setting] in sequence.

    The [Delete Temp. Data Setting] screen is displayed.

  3. Select either [ON] or [OFF] for [Setting Switch].

    • When selecting [ON], select either [Mode 1] or [Mode 2] for [Erase Mode].

  4. Press [OK] to complete the setting.

    • To cancel the change, press [Cancel].

    In either case, the screen returns to the [HDD Management Setting Menu] screen.

  5. Turn OFF the sub power switch, and turn OFF the main power switch.

    • Do not turn off the main power while the message [Cooling in progress / After cooling, power off automatically] is displayed.

  6. Wait for more than 10 seconds.

  7. Turn ON the main power switch, and turn ON the sub power switch.