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Administrator Password: Changing the Administrator Password

Change the administrator password.

  • This item is available when the Administrator Authentication function is set to ON. For details, contact your service representative.

  • Be sure not to forget the password. If you forget it, please contact your service representative.

  1. Follow the procedure on Administrator Setting to display the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [Security Setting] on the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen, and then press [Administrator Password].

    The [Administrator Password] screen is displayed

  3. Press [Current Password] to enter the password currently used, then press [OK].

  4. Press [New Password] to enter your new password, then press [OK].

    • Enter 8 one-byte characters for the administrator password.

  5. Press [Input Confirmation] to enter your new password once more, then press [OK].

  6. Press [OK] to complete the setting.

    • To cancel the change, press [Cancel]. In either case, the screen returns to the [Security Setting Menu] screen.