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Duplicating or Deleting Density Balance Adjustment Data

Follow the procedure below to duplicate or delete the density balance data.

  • Copy is not available if 10 pieces of adjustment data has already been registered. Delete one from the list, if you need to copy.

  1. Follow the procedure on Administrator Setting to display the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [System Setting] on the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen, and then press [Expert Adjustment], [Quality Adjustment], [Density Balance Adjustment], and [Density Balance Data Reg/Del] in sequence.

  3. Select any one from the list of 10 profiles. To delete adjustment data, press [Delete]. To duplicate adjustment data, press [Copy].

    • Pressing [Delete] displays the confirmation screen. Pressing [Yes] deletes the selected row.

  4. Press [Return].

    The screen returns to the [Density Balance Adjustment Menu] screen.