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Auth. Device Setting: Setting the Authentication Device

General Settings: Specifying the IC Card to Be Used with the Authentication Device

To use the Authentication Unit AU-201/Authentication Unit AU-201S, you must first specify the IC card to be used and set the operation for authentication.

  1. Follow the procedure on Administrator Setting to display the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen.

  2. Press [User Auth./Account Track] on the [Administrator Setting Menu] screen, and then press [Auth. Device Setting] and [General Settings] in sequence.

    The [General Settings] screen is displayed.

  3. Press [Card Authentication] and [IC Card Type Setting], then select the IC card to use.

    • When you select [SSFC] or [SSFC+TypeA], proceed to Step 4.

    • When you press the type other than [SSFC] or [SSFC+TypeA], proceed to Step 7.

  4. Set [Write Authentication Result], [Writing Time Out], and [Company Code], and press [Forward].

    When you select [SSFC] or [SSFC+TypeA], also perform the same operation.

    • Press [ON] in [Write Authentication Result], and enter the number of seconds in [Writing Time Out] using the keypad. Specify the timeout value to be between 1 to 40 seconds.

    • Press [Company Code], and enter the code on the screen that is displayed.

  5. Press [Code 1] to [Code 10] to specify the [Company Identification Code], and press [Forward].

    • To specify the [Company Identification Code], enter the target code using the keypad on the screen that is displayed by pressing [Code 1] to [Code 10]. Then, press [OK].

  6. Press [Area No.], [Building No.], [Floor No.], [Room No.], and [Security Level] to enter the respective setting values, and press [Close].

    Enter the setting value using the keypad.

    You can specify the entry value in the range from 0 to 65535.

  7. Press [OK].

    The settings are applied.

  8. Select [Operation Setting].

    • Select [Card Authentication] if you want to use only the IC card for authentication. To use both IC card and password for authentication, select [Card Authentication + Password].

  9. Press [OK] to complete the setting.

    The screen returns to the [Authentication Method] screen.