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Measuring the Colorimetric Data for Density Balance Chart Using the Spectrophotometer

This section describes how to create the colorimetric data using the spectrophotometer.

  • Prepare a spectrophotometer (FD-9, i1iSisXL, i1Pro/i1Pro2, or FD-5 BT), a computer connected to the spectrophotometer, and a USB flash drive. USB flash drive formatted in FAT or FAT 32 file system can be detected on the machine. USB flash drive with the U3 platform or security feature cannot be used.

  • When selecting spectrophotometer i1iSisXL, i1Pro, or i1Pro2, use X-rite Measure Tool. Use FD-S2w when the Spectrophotometer FD-5 BT or FD-9 is used.

  • When X-rite Measure Tool is used, the message [This application will run in a limited demonstration mode. A hardware dongle is required to activate all functions.] is displayed. However, the tool can be operated without the hardware dongle.

  • When operating X-rite Measure Tool on a computer, click [Open] to select a script file corresponding to the chart size. For details of the script file, contact your service representative.

  • For details, refer to the user's guide supplied with FD-S2w.

  • The number of sheets output as charts is included in the print count.

The following describes how to save colorimetric data of the spectrophotometer.

  • Cut off the left side of the chart using scissors or such other tools so that the length between the left end of the chart and the black diamond symbol becomes about 10 mm.

  • The chart for Color Density Control is available in two types: large and medium sizes. When using spectrophotometer i1Pro or i1Pro2, enter the number of color chip rows and the number of color chip columns printed in the chart using the computer before measuring each chart.*

  • On the FD-S2w screen, select a chart based on the model name, the chart type, the number of the color chips and the paper sizes. Select a chart that matches the number of row and column of color chips printed on the chart. Select a chip to be measured first from the top right and then start the measurement.

  • When the measurement is completed using X-rite Measure Tool, click [Close] on the computer screen to display another window. On the screen, always click [File] from the tool bar and save as a new file. You can also do the same by pressing the shortcut key, [Ctrl]+[S]. The data saved by clicking [Export Lab...] cannot be recognized on the machine.

  • To save the colorimetric data on a USB flash drive, set the path [/PRO_1100/ADJUST_DATA] to the drive, and save the data in the lowest folder that is the ADJUST_DATA folder. The number of files to be saved is the same as the number of printed paper. The file name is a 4-digit number printed on the chart (2-digit adjustment number of the color sensor for each paper type + 1-digit total page count + 1-digit page number).

  • Multiple sheets of chart are output. Perform colorimetry for all charts, and save the data. Repeat this step for each chart.

  • A password is required if you are registering the colorimetric data via Web using FD-S2w. Enter the administrator password previously specified on the machine. Also, you must enter the identifying information of 4-digit number printed on the chart (2-digit adjustment number of the color sensor for each paper type + 1-digit total page count + 1-digit page number) and the IP address for this machine.

* The notes about print color chips and color measurement are as follows:


Printed color chip

Color measurement notes

Large sizes

11 rows and 1 columns, 11 color chips in total

It seems that the last two rows are not colored, but you must also measure color chips in this area using the spectrophotometer.

Medium sizes

8 rows and 1 columns, 8 color chips in total

  • Refer to the user's guide of the spectrophotometer for usage.

When registering colorimetric data, the following error messages may be displayed.

Deal with problems as instructed in the messages.

Error Message

Error Message

Data Error

The required information cannot be obtained from the file

Confirm the measuring procedure, and then measure again

File Name Error

The file name of the selected file is not correct

Change the file name Ensure that the strings after "_" are the same

Number-of-Data Error

The number of data in the selected file is not correct

Confirm the area in the chart and the procedure, and then measure again

File Data Error The selected file has incorrect data

Confirm the adjustment procedure, and then retry from the beginning

Note: The chart must be output again

Data Saving Error

The data saving method for the selected file is not correct

Create the file again by using [Save as...]

Note: Do not use the method of [Lab color space]