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Using HDD: Editing a Hold Job on a per Page Basis (Page Edit)

It is possible to copy/move/rotate/delete and make other editions of pages of hold jobs while viewing page thumbnails on the touch panel of the main body or a computer. The function is called "Page Edit."

You can make the following editions with "Page Edit."


  • Copying and moving pages

  • Deleting pages

  • Rotating pages

  • Setting chapters

  • Inserting tab papers

  • Inserting blank pages

  • Inserting pages from another job

You can save the edited job overwriting the original job or newly save as a different job keeping the original job as is.

• Examples Introduced in This Section

• Intended Environment

Operating system

Windows 7


Job Centro

Image Controller

Image Controller IC-602

* The sample screen may be different from the actual display depending on your system environment and application version/revision.

• Precautions

  • On the touch panel of the main body, you can edit both copy and print jobs. In Job Centro, you can only edit print jobs ([Job Type] is [Print]). To edit copy jobs ([Job Type] is [Copy]), use the touch panel of the main body.

  • You cannot edit HDD saved jobs. Recall and save them as hold jobs before editing. (Refer to Using HDD: Managing Jobs in Folders.)