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Using HDD to Manage Jobs

You can hold temporarily/save print and copy data as a "job" in the hard disk.

Hold Job

  • A maximum of 500 jobs can be temporarily held.

  • You can change the print setting (Job Ticket Edit) or edit (insert, copy or delete) the pages (Page Edit).

HDD Saved Job

  • A maximum of 100 jobs can be saved in the HDD root.

  • It is possible to create a maximum of 100 folders in the HDD root, each of which can contain a maximum of 100 jobs.

  • You can recall them when necessary and save as hold jobs.

• Benefits

  • Holding temporarily/saving data as jobs can provide the following benefits.

  • You can change the print settings, edit the data on a per page basis and output the data as many times as necessary.

    With Image Controller IC-602, less load is applied to components other than RIP.

    Printing and editing of the job is possible both on the touch panel of the main body and on the computer where Job Centro has been installed.

    You can separate and store important data in a specific folder.

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