Adjustment flow to use a new type of paper


  • When you use a new type of paper

  • When this machine cannot reproduce colors, although you perform the daily maintenance flow (high accuracy)


Gamma Automatic Adjustment

This automatically adjusts the color reproducibility of the whole paper to be output.

[Gamma Automatic Adj.]

Density Balance Adjustment

Automatically correct the density balance. This step is not required when the screen is set to Stochastic.

[Density Balance Adjustment]

Color balance adjustment

Perform Exact Color or G7 Calibration to increase the reproducibility of the color balance.

About Exact Color Calibration

About G7 Calibration

  • If you use Package Color Auto Adj., this machine automatically performs these adjustments.
    To use Package Color Auto Adj., install Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501.
    For details, refer to [Package Color Auto Adj.].

  • If you suspend the flow, perform Gamma Automatic Adjustment and then restart the flow.

  • The default of the color balance adjustment is Exact Color.
    To switch this adjustment to G7 Calibration, contact your service representative.