Periodical Both Sides Adjustment Function

Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501 provides the Periodical Both Sides Adjustment function that automatically performs the periodical both-sides adjustment.

The Periodical Both Sides Adjustment function makes the both-sides adjustment each time the specified number of sheets of data are printed.

The following chart is output, and it is read by Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501 to correct an image misalignment.

When adjustment is completed, the job is restarted automatically, so you do not need to manually perform job operations. The chart used for adjustment is output to a different tray from that used for a job.

The adjustment result is applied after data has been output onto a few to a dozen sheets following the chart.

If necessary, you can change the adjustment interval value or misalignment value depending on the machine environment or other conditions.

For details, refer to the relevant page of those following.

  • When using Periodical Both Sides Adj., manually make the image quality adjustment.

The mark is printed on the chart to enable you to know from which paper tray the target job is printed.

For details on how to view the mark, refer to Chart.

You can specify whether to perform Periodical Both Sides Adj. for each paper profile.

For details about the setting, refer to Adding/Editing the Paper Conditions Registration.