Auto Image Adjustment Function

Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501 provides the Auto Image Adjustment function that automatically performs the image quality adjustment function, as well as other functions.

The Auto Image Adjustment function checks the image quality on a daily basis using the trim margin. If an image misalignment or gradation error occurs, this function makes adjustments in real time, enabling the image stability in a job process. This function is set to OFF by default.

This function automatically prints adjustment crop mark and gradation patch in the trim margin.

The adjustment crop mark and gradation patch are read by Integrated Color Care Unit IQ-501 to adjust image misalignment or gradation error.

When Auto Image Adjustment is set to ON, you do not need to recognize settings in general use. However, if necessary, you can change adjustment settings to suit the machine environment.

For details on the settings of Auto Image Adjustment, refer to the relevant page of those following.

  • Automatic adjustment is available for the following sizes.
    Custom-size paper of which the length in the paper feed direction is 225.0 mm or more

  • If a crop mark is missed because the paper edge is folded or if the paper size is not suitable, data will not be able to be read normally, which will subsequently cause an error. If an error message is displayed, check the paper edge or size. Even if the paper size looks the same, it may be different from the actual size.

  • To automatically make the image quality adjustment (gradation adjustment), the color density control must be completed for the target paper.

  • To set the automatic both-sides adjustment to ON, the both-sides adjustment must be completed once for the target tray. Before changing paper or starting the day's work, always make the both-sides adjustment.

  • If there is no trim margin, set Periodical Both Sides Adjustment to ON to automatically make the both-side adjustment for each specified output sheet count.
    Auto Image Adjustment and Periodical Both Sides Adjustment cannot be set to ON simultaneously. When Auto Image Adjustment is set to ON, Periodical Both Sides Adjustment is disabled.