What is Both Sides Adjust?

When performing 2-sided printing, you need to correct the misalignment between the Front and Back sides in order to align the printing positions of both sides. This operation is referred to as "both-sides adjustment".

The periodical both-side adjustment is required to help ensure stable both-side accuracy against a change in machine conditions or a change in both-side accuracy that is caused depending on paper.

Understand the both-side adjustment flow (which timing, which both-side adjustment, in what order), and then make adjustment as needed.

This machine provides the following three types of both-side adjustment flows:

Type of adjustment flow

Adjustment timing

Adjustment flow to use paper of a new brand, weight, or size

When you use paper of a new brand, weight, or size

Regular adjustment flow

When you have changed paper (brand, weight, or size) in a tray

Adjustment flow for each job

  • Just before a job with important both-side accuracy is output

  • Just before a job with a wide printing area is output

  • When both-side accuracy is not desirable (you want to increase both-side accuracy)