LPR connection

LPR printing is performed via the network using the LPR protocol.

To use LPR printing, follow the steps below to configure the required setting.

  1. Configure the setting to connect to the network, for example, specifying the IP address of this machine.

    For details about the setting procedure, refer to steps 1 to 5 in TCP/IP connection.

  2. For details about the LPR print setting procedure, refer to the following.

    Operation from Web Connection:

    Select Network tab - TCP/IP Setting - TCP/IP Setting, and set LPD Setting to Enable.

    For details, refer to [TCP/IP Setting].

    Setting using the control panel:

    On the control panel, press Utility/Counter - Administrator Setting - Network Setting - NIC Settings - Detail Settings, and LPD Setting to Enable (default: Enable).

  3. Configure settings on the computer side.

    In Windows:

    toInstalling the printer driver

    In Macintosh:

    toSetting by LPR Connection