Overview of Controller

Available operations in Controller

Press Controller to display the Controller Machine Setting Menu screen. The Controller Machine Setting Menu screen enables you to check various settings.

  • If the Image Controller is not working correctly, the Controller on the MACHINE screen appears shaded to show inactivity.

Displaying Controller Machine Setting Menu Screen

  1. Press the MACHINE tab to display the MACHINE screen.

  2. Press Controller on the MACHINE screen.

    The Controller Machine Setting Menu screen is displayed.

Controller Machine Setting Menu Screen

You can set the following functions.




Report Type

Outputs Configuration Page Print, PS Demo Page Print, PCL Font List and PS Font List.

[Report Type]

Direct Print Setting

Specifies default settings including Duplex for a job which has no setting, such as one using the direct print function without a printer driver.

[Direct Print Setting]

Select Printer Setting

Assigns a default output format number to each port and reflects it to Direct Print Setting.

[Select Printer Setting]

Driver Print Setting

Specifies Convert Paper Size, Page Number Insert Sheet, Number of Tabs, Perfect Bind Spine Width.

[Driver Print Setting]

Spool Print Jobs in HDD before RIP

Specifies job spool setting from Auto, Enable, or Disable.

[Spool Print Jobs in HDD before RIP]

I/F Timeout

Specifies the time until a communication timeout occurs.

[I/F Timeout]

Plug-in Form Password

Inputs a password for the form function for a PS Plug-in driver.

[Plug-in Form Password]

Scan Setting

Specifies Color Space etc. on the TWAIN driver. It also allows the initial settings for Scan to E-mail and creating a box.

[Scan Setting]

Scan calibration

Executes calibration by using the scanner of this machine.

[Scan calibration]

PDF/VT-2 Shared Folder

Specify whether to enable the PDF/VT-2 shared folder.

[PDF/VT-2 Shared Folder]

Color management

Reproduces stable colors with the machine.

[Color management]

File Transmission Setting

Select a destination to send the RIPed file to.

[File Transmission Setting]