Web service connection

By using the Web service function compatible with your Windows computer, you can automatically detect this machine connected to the network, and easily install it as a Web service printer.

Use HTTP to establish a communication between this machine and your computer. If necessary, you can encrypt communications between this machine and your computer using SSL, enabling more secure printing.

To use WS printing, follow the steps below to configure the required setting.

  1. Configure the setting to connect to the network, for example, specifying the IP address of this machine.

    For details about the setting procedure, refer to TCP/IP connection.

  2. Configure the basic setting for WS printing.

    For details about the setting procedure, refer to [DPWS Common Settings].

  3. Configure the following option settings depending on your environment.

    - WS printing by using discovery proxy

    For details, refer to [DPWS Extension Settings].

    - SSL communications with computer

    For details, refer to Creating a certificate for this machine for SSL communication.

  4. Configure settings on the computer side.

    In Windows 8.1/10/Server 2012/Server 2012 R2/Server 2016:

    toNetwork Connection (Web Service)

    In Windows 7/Server 2008/Server 2008 R2:

    toNetwork Connection (Web Service)