About Network Setting

To connect this machine to a computer via the network, you need to configure protocol settings for this machine depending on the operating environment. This section describes connection types for the following protocol settings that are mainly used in Windows and Macintosh.

Connection examples in Windows

Connection examples in Macintosh


TCP/IP connection


Printing is performed via the network by using the TCP/IP protocol.


Bonjour connection

If Bonjour is enabled on this machine, the Mac OS computer automatically detects the machine connected to the network on TCP/IP, and displays it as an addable printer in the list.

LPR connection

LPR connection

Printing is performed via the network using the LPR protocol (Line PRinter daemon protocol).

RAW connection


RAW printing is performed via the network by directly specifying the RAW port (Port9100) of the machine as a destination printer.

Web service connection


By using the Web service function compatible with your Windows computer, you can automatically detect this machine connected to the network, and easily install it as a Web service printer.

IPP connection

IPP connection

IPP printing is performed via the network by using the IPP protocol.

This function uses the HTTP-advanced IPP to transfer print data, so it allows you to print data on a remote printer via the network.

SMB connection


SMB printing is performed by directly specifying this machine. To share this machine, use the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol.

  • To use Bonjour connection, you need to configure TCP/IP setting in advance.

For details about other protocol settings, refer to the following pages.

Setting using Web Connection:

to[Network] Tab

Setting using the control panel:

to[Administrator Setting]: [Network Setting]