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[Basic] Screen

You can set the basic setting of the print setting.



[Original Size]

Displays the paper size of the original set in the job.

[Original Orientation]

Displays the page orientation of the original set in the job.

[Paper Tray]

Select a paper tray to be used. Trays to be displayed vary depending on the device option settings. A complete set of trays to be selected includes Trays 1 to 9.

[Check Tray Settings]

Incorporates the display details of the tray list on the [Paper] screen corresponding to the paper tray being selected into each item of the [paper size group].

[Paper Profile]

Select the paper profile to use.

The paper information of the selected paper profile will be incorporated into the items of the [paper size group].

[Paper Size]

Select the output paper size.

[Custom Size]

To use the custom size, register the paper size in [Custom Size Settings] screen displayed when clicked and select the size from the Paper Size list. For details about how to register the size, refer to Custom Size Settings Screen.

[Feed Direction]

Select a direction to feed paper.

[Paper Type]

Select a paper type.


Specify the paper weight.

[Weight Unit]

Select the unit for the paper weight.


Select color of the paper.


Select punch holes.

[Number of Copies]

Specify the number of copies.

[Page Range]

Specify the print range.

This setting is not retained even if you click [Save]. (Closing the [Job Edit] screen restores the original setting) It is enabled only when printing the job by pressing [Print].