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Start in Usual Login Method

To start Job Centro, login procedure is necessary first.

  • Confirm that the image controller can communicate.

  • Job Centro is the Java Application. When the Java application is blocked by the firewall, [Windows Security Alert] screen is displayed. In this case, select the option corresponding to your network environment, and click [Allow access] to allow the communication by Java application on your network.

  1. Select [Start] - [All Programs] - [KONICA MINOLTA] - [Job Centro 2.0] - [KONICA MINOLTA Job Centro 2.0].

    • Or double-click the short cut icon on the Desktop.

    The [Connect Printer] screen is displayed. For details about the [Connect Printer] screen, refer to Connect Printer Screen.

  2. Select the printer for Job Centro to be connected to and click [Connect].

    Job Centro starts and [Job Centro] screen is displayed.

    When you log in to Job Centro for the first time, printers available for connection are not displayed in the printer list. In such a case, click [Search] and add a printer.

    For details, refer to "Adding to Printer List."