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User Authentication/Account Track

If either of the user authentication or account track function or both of them are set in the machine, you must use the User Authentication or Account Track at the time of connection.

  1. On the [Connect Printer] screen, click [Connect].

  2. To perform user authentication as a public user, check [Public User].

    • Depending on the settings of the main body, you may not be able to select Public User.

    • When checking [Public User], proceed to the step 4.

  3. When [User Name] and [Password] are available, enter the user name and the password.

    • Enter the user name within 64 characters. All the characters except the double quotation mark (") are available.

    • Enter the password within 64 one-byte characters. The password is displayed with "*" or "-."

  4. If the account track function is set in the machine, [Account Track Setting] is selected. Enter the account name and password.

    • Enter the account name within 8 one-byte characters.

    • Enter the password within 8 one-byte characters. The password is displayed with "*" or "."

    • When the user authentication synchronizes with the account track, [Account Name] and [Password] are automatically set with values of [User Name]¬†and [Password], respectively. In this case, it is not necessary to enter the [Account Name] and [Password].

  5. Click [Connect].

    The [Job Centro] screen is displayed.