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Adjust Tone Curve of Hold Job

You can adjust the tone curve of the hold job.

This function becomes available only when Color Centro is installed on your computer.

  1. Select a job from the Hold Job list.

    • You can operate print jobs with an extension of PS, PDF, PDF (APPE) or TIFF. However, you cannot operate print jobs with any other extensions, print jobs from the PPD driver, copy jobs, and hold jobs with 10,000 or more pages. However, by changing the setting of the controller memory switch No. 28, you can operate a PPD job.

    • You cannot operate a security locked job.

  2. Select [Hold Job] - [Tone Curve Adjustment] from the [Job Operations] menu.

    The [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen starts.

    • You can also select "Tone Curve Adjustment" from the right-click menu.