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[Print Setting] Tab

The [Print Setting] tab provides settings concerning the printer of the image controller. Settings provided here can be made also from [Controller] on the [MACHINE] screen. For details about the setting values, refer to CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller.



[Direct Print Setting]

6 patterns of printer default settings for direct print can be registered. Settings selected by the [Default Setting] radio button can be displayed at [Information] - [Print Setting Information].

For details, refer to Direct Print Setting.

[Driver Print Setting]

Set the default value of the printer driver.

For details, refer to Driver Print Setting.

[Job Spool Setting]

Set the spool function of print jobs.

For details, refer to Job Spool Setting.

[Interface Setting]

Specify the timeout period of the interface.

For details, refer to Interface Setting.

[Select Printer Setting]

Specify the output setting for each port.

For details, refer to Select Printer Setting.