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E-mail RX (POP)

Click [E-mail Setting] - [E-mail Rx (POP)] on the menu of [Network] tab to display this screen.

This screen allows you to make the settings on E-mail reception by POP.

  1. To receive E-mails on the machine, select [ON] from the [E-mail Rx Settings] drop-down list.

  2. Enter the POP server address. To enter the host name, select the [Please check to enter host name.] checkbox.

  3. Enter a login name. Up to 63 one-byte characters can be used.

  4. Enter a password. Up to 15 one-byte characters can be used.

  5. If necessary, enter [Connection Timeout] and [Port Number].

  6. To enable APOP authentication, select [ON] from the [APOP Authentication] drop-down list.

  7. To use SSL/TLS, select the [Use SSL/TLS] checkbox, and specify a port number if necessary.

  8. If you want to verify certificates for communication via SSL, specify whether to confirm the items to be verified.

    [Validity Period]: Checks whether the certificate's validity period is still valid.

    [CN]: Checks whether the Common Name (CN) of the certificate is identical to the address of the server.

    [Key Usage]: Checks whether the certificate is used according to the intended usage approved by the issuer of the certificate

    [Chain]: Checks whether or not the certificate chain (certificate pass) has a problem. The chain is verified by referring to the external certificates managed by the machine.

    [Expiration Date Confirmation]: Checks whether or not the certificate has expired.

  9. Click [OK]. Clicking [Cancel] cancels the setting.

  10. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.