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Account Track Settings

Click [Account Track Settings] on the menu of [User Auth./Account Track] tab to display this page.

When [Account Track] is set to [OFF], the following screen is displayed.

Click [Authentication Method Menu] to display the [Authentication Method] screen. To register an account for account track, specify [ON] for [Account Track].

You can register or delete an account for account track.

Account track registration

  1. Click [New Registration] to register a new account, or click [Edit] for a desired account name to edit the data already registered.

    • Select a range of numbers from the [Search from numbers] drop-down list, then click [Go] to display the registration list of the selected range.

  2. Enter the registration number.

    • You can enter the number in the range shown on the right.

    • If you are editing, the registration number for the selected account name is displayed. You cannot enter the value.

  3. Enter the account name.

    • Up to 8 one-byte characters can be used.

    • If the [account track authentication method] in [Authentication Setting] is set to [Password Only], this item is dimmed.

  4. Enter the password.

    • Up to 8 one-byte characters can be used. Enter the same password for [Retype Password].

  5. Select the functions to be available and the maximum allowed for printing for the registered account.

  6. Click [OK]. Clicking [Cancel] cancels the setting.

  7. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

To delete an account

  1. Click [Delete] for an account to be deleted.

  2. Click [OK] on the confirmation screen. Click [Cancel] to cancel the deletion.

  3. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.