Home ApplicationCreating a New Hot Folder

Creating a New Hot Folder

  1. Click [New Creation].

  2. Make a setting for each item.




    Enter a free No.


    Select [Enable] to share the hot folder, or [Disable] to have it exclusive.

    [Folder Name]

    Enter a folder name.

    [Print Mode]

    Select a print mode.

    [Output Method]

    Select either print, save, or both print and save data in the folder. To save data, specify a destination folder or user box and enter the password.

    [Delete Printed File]

    Select whether or not to delete printed files.

    [Authentication Setting]

    To allow anyone to access the hot folder, check the [Guest] checkbox.

    [User Name]

    Lists only users registered with both user name and user password in [User Setting]. Users selected on this list are displayed in [User Name].

    [Print Setting Priority]

    Select either to use the print setting specified for the hot folder ([Hot Folder's Print Setting]) or to use the print setting specified for each job ([Each Job's Print Setting]).

    [Print Setting]

    If [Hot Folder Print Setting] is selected for [Print Setting Priority], you can edit the setting by clicking [Edit].

  3. Click [OK]. Clicking [Cancel] cancels the setting.

  4. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

  • When printing a file which is not specified in [Each Job's Print Setting], such as a PDF file, the conditions specified in [Direct Print Setting] - [Basic Setting] in [Controller] will be used. For details about [Basic Setting], refer to Controller Setting.