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WebDAV Server Settings

Click [WebDAV Setting] - [WebDAV Server Settings] in the [Network] tab to display this screen.

Specifies the communication settings of the WebDAV server that can manage folder files on Web servers via a Web client.

  1. Select either [ON] or [OFF] from the [WebDAV Setting] drop-down list.

  2. Select either [Non-SSL Only], [SSL Only], or [SSL/Non-SSL] from the [SSL Setting] drop-down list.

  3. To change the password, select the [Password is changed.] checkbox, and enter a new password.

  4. Click [OK]. Clicking [Cancel] cancels the setting.

  5. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

  6. If you have changed any setting, turn the machine power off then on.

  • [SSL Setting] can be set only when [Admin.Mode] or [Admin.Mode and User Mode] is selected in [Mode Using SSL/TLS] under [PKI Settings] - [SSL Setting] in the [Security] tab.