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Checking Send History

The [Send History] screen of the [JOB LIST] screen provides a listing of send history.

Details of each job can be checked on the [Ticket Details] screen.





[Send History]

Press to display the [Send History] screen.


[File Name]

Displays the file name when applied.


[User Name]

Displays the user name when registered.



Displays the destination address.



Displays the send result to Image Controller. Check the send result to the destination on the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen displayed by pressing [Controller] of the [MACHINE] screen.

For information about how to check the job on the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen, refer to Job List: Checking or Controlling Job.



Displays the time of transmission in 24-hour format.



Displays the mode (Email/HDD/FTP/SMB/Queue*1/USB*2) of the send job.

When selecting multiple destinations, only one destination is displayed. (The order of priority is: Email - HDD - FTP - SMB - Queue*1/USB*2)

*1: Displays only when Image Controller IC-308 or Image Controller IC-310 is mounted.

*2: Displays only when Image Controller IC-602 is mounted.



Pressed for a job to be checked in detail after you select it from the list. The [Ticket Details] screen for the selected job is displayed.


Scroll keys

Used to scroll the list of send history. The current page number and total page count of the list are displayed between the keys.

Follow the procedure below to check the details of jobs.

  1. Press [JOB LIST] tab on the screen, then press [Send History].

  2. Check the status of jobs sent in the list of the screen.

    If 15 or more jobs are sent, press [] or [] to display.

  3. Press and highlight a job that you want to check it, then press [Details].

  4. Check the details on the [Ticket Details] screen.

  5. After checking the details, press [Close].