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Saving Hold Job on HDD

Follow the procedure below to save the hold job in the HDD.

  1. Press the [JOB LIST] tab to display the [JOB LIST] screen.

  2. Press [Hold Job].

    The [Hold Job] screen will be displayed.

  3. Select the job to be stored on the HDD.

    Press the row of the desired job on the list.

    • If the desired job is not found on the list, press [][] to display that job.

    • Pressing each title in the title row will sort the list in selected order.

    • If data with the same file name exists, the ┬ámark appears on the right of the file name.

    • Press [Multi-Sel.] first to select multiple jobs.

    • Press [All Select] to select all jobs on the list. Pressing this key selects all jobs on the list, but [Multi-Sel.] appears highlighted instead.

  4. Press [HDD Store].

    The [HDD Store Root] screen is displayed.

  5. Specify the directory of the HDD.

    • Proceed to step 6, if you store the data in the current directory on the [HDD Store Root] screen.

    • If you save the data in the folder displayed in the [HDD Store Root] screen, press the section of that folder. The contents of selected folder will be listed on the screen.

    • Press [Close] to return to the [Hold Job] screen.

    • If a new folder is desired, press [New]. The [New Folder Creation] screen is displayed. Enter a folder name and a password, then press [OK]. The entry of Password can be omitted. The created folder will appear as a blank list on the screen.

    • Press [Cancel] to return to the [HDD Store Root] screen.

    • If no job is saved in the folder, you can delete the folder by pressing [Delete]. The confirmation dialog is displayed. Press [Yes] to delete it or press [No] to cancel.

    • Press [Close] to return to the [Hold Job] screen.

    • To return to the HDD Store Root screen, press [HDD Store Root].

  6. Press [Store].

    The machine stores the job selected in step 3 onto the HDD.

    • If the file name of the job has been duplicated, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Press [Yes] to save it or press [No] to cancel.