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Sending to a Group

To send the scan data to a registered group, follow the steps below.

  1. Press [SCAN] tab.

  2. Press [Group].

  3. Press the name of the destination Group.

    • The selected destination is displayed in [List] at the left side of the screen.

    • To deselect the Name, press the selected Name again.

    • Select a group and press [List] to display the address list for the group.

    • Press [Edit] on the [Group Address List] screen to change addresses to register to a group.

  4. Press [Scan Settings].

  5. Set the scan conditions.

    • Press [File Name] if you want to specify the file name.

  6. Set an original, and then press Start on the control panel.

    The original is scanned, and the scanned data are transmitted to an specified address.

    • To return to the [SCAN] screen, press [Address].